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User Comments:
TharU talked about 'Not SW Related' and said:
It has been a while since last I visited your web. It continues to be a stop of pleasure. tks

Dated:2007-08-13 20:31:05 Eastern Time
Kham talked about 'DupFileNames' and said:
Thanks man, just donated.

Dated:2007-08-03 22:06:14 Eastern Time
Michael talked about 'DVD2CD' and said:
I love this program... wish I had found it a LONG time ago!! M-Man

Dated:2007-02-27 12:48:01 Eastern Time
rahulopg talked about 'DVD2CD' and said:
hiiii how ru

Dated:2006-10-05 10:17:12 Eastern Time
mattyc talked about 'DVD2CD' and said:
thank you for this ive been looking everywhere! UR MY HERO. I would very much enjoy a non timed beggining screen but i can handle it. thanks

Dated:2006-08-07 21:13:24 Eastern Time
hairy mann talked about 'DVD2CD' and said:
i ran the programme and split a dvd into 2 parts (4.5MB each). What next? How do I transfer the results onto DVD's?

Dated:2006-06-02 01:12:59 Eastern Time
Frank-Lin talked about 'No Particular Program' and said:
I just wanted to say GREAT JOB on all the software..... keep up the good work!!! Frank-Lin

Dated:2006-01-10 02:19:05 Eastern Time
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