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I can always use assistance in finding errors in my programs. If you can help it might be worth your while, read on:

What was going on when you ran into this error?
What version of OS are you running?
Why did it overflow, was there too many files??
Was it reading a network share or a physical drive??
Were there any interruptions in the reading (ie; FireWire external drive gets bumped)??
Was the program interrupted for any reason by operator error??
How many times have you been able to successfully run this program in the same circumstances prior or after the error??
Anything else you can send me to help me would be great.

For any assistance that leads to the error being fixed I give the person who helped all my 'current released' programs for free!!

Current Software Health Report

Title Ver # Errors

Title & Ver Form : Func Err No : Descript Reported
DupFileNames 1.0.63 Global:FolderItems 52:Bad file name or number
2007-07-23 02:54:39
DupFileNames 1.0.63 frmMain:mnuOption1_Click 35600:Index out of bounds
2007-04-09 14:03:26
DupFileNames 1.0.63 Global:WriteLog 70:Permission denied
2007-04-06 17:33:32
DupFileNames 1.0.63 frmMain:ScanDir_Click 380:Invalid property value
2006-04-16 14:14:16
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